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Things you wish you had known before Phase 1

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  • Things you wish you had known before Phase 1

    So, with the September 2011 intake getting themselves ready for college I thought it'd be useful to start up a thread based on:

    Things you wish you had known before Phase 1

    Post up your thoughts, experiences and so on and I'll condense them all into a post that we can sticky and update after each intake shares their pearls of wisdom.

    When you post, make sure to note if it's Deck/Engine/Electro or college specific.

    Thanks all
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    1. The world isn't one happy place where everyone gets along- cultures clash as well as personalities. It is better to work with people of the same culture rather than a huge mixture.

    2. To have a successful life you have to leave home at some point; I never understood the cadets who quit because they missed home.

    3. Life isn't about money; In the end it is the man with the most stories who wins, not the man with the most toys. So many cadets complain about their wages, yet they're getting the experience of a lifetime.

    Ill think of some more later!


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      True on number 3
      "We're not pirates, We're preemptive nautical salvage experts"