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Clyde marine pay question

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  • Clyde marine pay question

    From clyde's website:

    "There are three rates of pay depending on the phase you are in. At college you get paid ?170 per week, at sea you get paid ?120 per week and during the final college phase the college pay rises to ?190 per week. There may also be bonuses available amounting to some ?1,000 over the period of training. "

    Anyone from clde ever see these bonuses. What are they for? How hard are they to get?

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    There used to be something (in the form of a financial bung) at Glasgow for the best performing cadet in each class or phase, but it may not have been a Clyde Marine thing.


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      Completenand pass certain parts of the course ie 1st sea phase and you get a bonus


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        the pay has increased slightly now ?175 and ?195 so while at college ?5 more a week and sea stays the same, as far as the bonus goes we were informed that its based on attendance/ proformance etc and depending on which course your doing it comes through at different times, for FD programs its after each collge phase in ?250, ?250 and ?500 i think. I'm awaiting to see if it comes through in this pay cheque, although it doesnt help that for phase one we get the results almost a year later
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