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  • SSTG Uniform Policy

    I got an information pack from SSTG with a list of things I have to buy before I start at Warsash.

    2 white pilot shirts
    1 navy nato crew neck jumper
    1 black trousers
    2 white boiler suits
    2 working trousers
    2 blue working shirts (style optional) <-- what is this??
    1 plimsols or trainers
    1 black safety boots

    I've been searching for heavy weight or heavy duty work shirts on ebay but the only things that seem right are around ?15+ each. No idea what they mean by style optional.. does that mean it can be a polo shirt or even a t-shirt..

    Maybe this is for engineer cadets, please tell me what kind of thing would be a good cheap option for that?

    I got some of the other things quite cheap already though, on ebay.

    Other new cadets, please let us all know if you find some good places to pick up these things.

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    Originally posted by onara View Post
    2 blue working shirts (style optional) <-- what is this??
    Only time I have ever worn my blue working shirts was in EDH and that was only for a few days before I went back to wearing my overalls. Don't waste your money, however if you really want some Arco and Miller Rayner (?????!) sell them.

    I was under the distinct impression that your employer had to provide PPE (boiler suits, safety boots etc) but an SSTG college tells me this is not the case with them though your sponsor will probably provide some at the start of your sea phase (unless they're cheapskates).

    Also for uniform in general don't go too wild, stuff like Tesco black trousers will do instead of Miller Rayners finest (although their pilot shirts are quite nice, alot better then what my company gives me), no prizes for best dressed cadet at Warsash!


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      That sounds good. Today I had a reply from my training officer in SSTG, to an email I sent about this. I was told that black, blue or white will be fine for boiler suits and working shirts.

      I asked if polo shirts or even t-shirts would be fine as working shirts, and I was told that polo shirts are fine. Should make it easier to find something cheap and nice. << prices here are better than on the lists SSTG sent me.. I already bought some of these things on ebay though.
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        Don't bother with the don't need any.


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          Hehe, cool.. ok. Not buying any is certainly a good cheap option.