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  • ENG1- bmi

    Hey, I’m due to get my 1st Eng1 this next week, I was wondering if there was any insight to what happens with a high bmi?
    Im worried that I’m borderline on this and am afraid that I’ll end up failing, I have make significant changes to my weight over the last year but I’m worried it’s not enough.

    Any advice would be appreciated just to know what to expect


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    If you’re slightly over you’ll be fine, if you’re over you’ll probably be totally fine or given an action plan - lose 5kg by your next medical for example. Generally if you’re not morbidly obese by medical definition and thus have an acceptable level of fitness, you will be fine. Anecdotal of course, but I know many, many who are over and have passed, including those far over “healthy”.

    Good luck, please update us so it will help others in the future 🙂


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      Nothing was mentioned about the weight. Left with an unrestricted ENG1 this morning.