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  • Information on Scientific Research Vessels

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently waiting to start my deck cadet training and I am trying to think ahead about some future job prospects. Scientific research vessels have sparked my interest, particularly working with the BAS (British Antarctic Survey).

    I was wondering if anyone had some advice/information or general idea of how hard it is to get a job in that kind of sector?

    Thank you!

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    Most research vessels tend to have Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems due to the nature and precision required for their work. That being said BAS as far as I am aware don’t take on officer cadets directly although do occasionally take cadets onboard through Trinity House I believe? Might need to confirm that so but it’s worth looking into and mentioning if you apply to TH that you are very keen to go on those vessel types. Ideally I would say to aim for something along those lines, or even for a company that offers project based DP work that will allow you to gain experience and your DP ticket as well as your OOW which would mean you are able to transfer much more smoothly into research survey vessels.