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    Would appreciate any info/ experience regarding SSTG deck cadet ships with Evergreen, North Star or John H Whitaker… TIA

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    Avoid Evergreen like the plague. They’ll train you and then leave you unemployed.

    North Star a bit better but pretty poor. They’ll train you then offer you a poverty contract.

    Whitaker tankers are a very, very good sponsor. They’ll train you and take you on with a fairly good wage.


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      Thank you for your reply, just wondered if you have any opinion on P & O Ferries?


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        I was a P&O Ferries cadet and officer for 8 years.

        I would say they were one of the best sponsors possible, but are now likely to be as rubbish as the worst. Your training onboard will be delivered by people that barely know how to run the vessels and the chance of a job post-qualification is now zero. The latter is the focus you need to have when picking a cadetship - who will hire you after.


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          Another important point with Whittaker is you will get your tanker endorsements which you won’t with the other companies. In the ongoing jobs market it’s good to keep as many doors open as possible!

          Also entirely agree training likely best with Whittaker, avoid evergreen even if it means a different intake and P&O Ferries gone from great to certainly avoid.