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    Hi Guys,

    Not sure if i've posted this in the right section, so feel free to move if you wish!

    Considering taking a small SW radio with me on my next trip I'm offshore, so likely to be Irish Sea or possibly North. Does anyone have any experience of signal/interference problems on a boat?



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    Re: SW Radio

    I have been looking into this recently.

    SW might be more resilient to man-made EMC interference at sea, but may suffer from atmospheric interference, from thunderstorms, and things like how overcast it is, or how active the sun is.
    Reception can also vary with day or night, and with the seasons.

    Signal should travel well across the sea in theory.
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      Re: SW Radio

      Will be absolutely fine, hang a long piece of wire out of the cabin. When I was a cadet on general cargo trampers I used a SW radio. Also unlocked the MF/HF set so that I could use it on the Ham Radio Bands for Maritime Mobile (as a radio enthusiast)


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        Re: SW Radio

        Nice one....hello Amazon!

        Thanks for the replies.



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          Re: SW Radio

          Hmm I like my radio.

          Deep sea im guessing it still aint going to work thou.

          Anyone have any experience of them? if so any recommendations as to what set to pick up?
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            Re: SW Radio

            I carry a Sony SW radio Digital Tuning thing, trouble is more and more SW is getting turned off and Sat Radio is not cheap and not properly world wide (regions and the likes)

            They work better on battery as the ships electrical system / the transformer add quite a bit of noise into the system (which I have never solved)
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