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  • Sea time help?

    Salutations one and all.

    What a cool site.

    I realize that this site is directed more at the "Merchant Navy" but was wondering if anyone out there might have some advice for a fellow sea lover trying to break into the domain.

    I've just completed my first year of studies at a Transport Canada approved college but there seems to be an overflow of available cadets here in Canada.

    I possess all required certifications for going to sea (disharge book, clear medical, clear criminal, Basic Marine First Aid, Basic STCW). I'm an aged cadet with enough experience to know but able bodied enough to wiggle through the tightest of spaces.

    So if any of you readers out there happen to get wind of some openings or have some free advice please fire it my way.

    Should I end up in the same port I will buy you the first pint.

    Back to the search and good luck to all.

    Bilge Rat

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    Re: Sea time help?

    Hi Bilge Rat

    We have a slightly different system over here from the sound of it, we get sponsored by a shipping company or similar and they send us on our sea trips between college phases. So we don't have to find ships, they are found for us. How does it work over in Canada?


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      Re: Sea time help?

      Have you checked out the dieselduck website? It's written from a Canadian MN perspective, so will have relevant info for you.
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        Re: Sea time help?

        Drop me a PM, I might be able to help you.


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          Re: Sea time help?

          @ size4rigger: Thanks for the information.
          It does operate differently here in Canada but every instructional marine institution have their own rules and regulations, so I can't really answer your question.

          @penfold: Was there, dieselduck, and happened upon this site as well. As I mentioned there seems to be a surplus of cadets both in navigation and engineering this year across Canada hence the reason I've also set up an account here. Thanks for the tip and advice. I'm expanding my horizons.

          @ ancient mariner: Done and done.