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    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    My first post so here goes.

    I?ve been accepted for EOOW HND at Glasgow with CMT.
    my question is, do you think that we would have time to do work on the side to help with finances during the collage phases?

    I am 37 years old 2 kids and a mortgage. I have looked at the finances and my wife and I think we can just make it just on the bursary from the sponsoring company and her wages.

    To make things easier I was thinking of applying for a Taxi licence as I only live 20 mins from Glasgow, but I want to make sure I will have time to moonlight as a driver on the side.

    Second question, I already have all my basic STCW courses, will I still be required to re-do them even though I only did them this summer?

    Third, I have a weekend break planned 2 weeks into phase 1 which I would need the Friday and Monday off, what do you think the chances are I would get them off.

    thank you

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    There were a few people in my phase who had part time jobs on the side, but they were in the minority. Most of us just about made ends meet with the training allowance and saving up whilst at sea. However we were all young free and single and none of us had the level of financial commitment that you describe. The main issue you would generally have with part time employment is that few employers would be happy at the prospect of you disappearing off round the world for several months at a time whilst on sea phases, so you'd end up having to resign and get re-employed each time which would be a bit of a hassle. However doing private hire I presume you would be operating on a more flexible basis so that could work. The flexibility would be needed aswell so you can work around the course commitments in terms of exams etc.

    I'd be surprised if you had to do the basic stcw courses again, could be a chance for a bit of time off! You'd need to confirm with the college though.

    On the time off again you'd need to confirm with the college and your company. If you tell them well enough in advance they might sanction it.