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  • Alternative Routes to a CoC

    Originally posted by Chiefy
    Initially you would need to find a company willing to take you on as an AB and talk to them, but I would think they would need to see some commitment, so you would probaley need to do your EDH (efficient deck hand), Life Boat and other STCW courses, maybe even out of your own pocket.

    Once taken on NUMAST and the likes offer sponsor ship and financial help for people wishing to convert from AB to officer.

    Look at the Sailors Society web site ought to be some info there......again internet not man enough from here to search for you and point you in the right places (but home soon )
    Leading on from this, it seemed like a topic of interest to some (though I dunno where it should go!).

    Say that above might be an alternative route to becoming a deck officer, how about the alternative routes to the engineer CoC?

    I guess it comes down to things like Letter of Initial Assessment and prior study and things like that.

    According to the MCA: ... 0832F60BA1

    It sounds like you need:

    1. some metalwork type experience or some related courses like a Modern Apprenticeship or HND to skip the shore-based stuff (maybe); or be an "experienced seafarer", (can anyone elaborate on that?)

    2. about 6 months or 8 months sea time (somehow), depending on what ticket you are after, but on a ship of over 350KW

    3. during this sea time you have to do some kind of assessment supervised by an approved training provider: ... lleges.htm
    that is:
    a. equivalent to NVQ Level 3 Marine Engineering ... ations.doc
    b. that satisfies the ISF (for the metalwork and electrical stuff)

    c. the IAMI (for the physics type exams: general engineering and motor/steam engineering).

    3. plus some of those pricey STCW '95 short courses.

    is that about right?

    A list for your Letter of Initial Assessment: ... g-lia-link

    Sounds a bit of a tall order... could you really do that out of your own pocket as a motorman?
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    Re: Alternative Routes to a CoC

    Yes and no.......

    Sailor SOciteya dn Numast both have schemes to help sponsor AB /Motormen change over to be see the advert in the telegraphevery now and again....Slater Fund? Getting to sea initially might be tricky as you need the STCW courses so you need to find a sponsor or employer willing to take a punt..remember not that long ago (now still maybe) the rig companies insist yo pay for Huet and Bosint out of your own pockt BEFORE giving you an interview for a job.

    My point was get in as an AB, volunteer as a M/M (if you want) then see whats required or show enough interest to get the chief to put you forward for training, I have sailed with both Chiefs and Captains who have "come through the ranks" both here on Box boats (when we had UK ratings etc) and offshore on the big tugs, it isnt easy but for that bloke he is quite old and the cut in salary might be a deal breaker, at that age he needs more than 6k / year (or whatever it is now) so was thinking it might be an alternative.
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