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  • Telegraph testing

    Hi all
    I'm in for my OOW oral exam in a few weeks and I was just wondering about how and when and what types of telegraph testing are done on a ship?
    I would've said this would be more of an eng question but I saw it on a deck orals report today so I was just wondering about it

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    You never did this at sea? It's a job between the OOW and EOOW normally.

    Every 7 days we would ring through the entire telegraph and follow each others commands to ensure every light worked and if relevant the sounders worked too. So literally the OOW would put full astern, I'd put full astern, he'd put half astern, I'd put half astern. We did this at every telegraph position so he did bridge wings, I did ECR and local engine telegraphs.

    If there is anything more in depth than that I'd be very surprised.