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Dealing with family loss while in College

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  • Dealing with family loss while in College

    Hey all,

    So I’ve had the news today that my stepdad has been told he only has weeks to live. Now I’m due to start in Glasgow on the 2nd Sept.

    What id like to know is does anyone have any advice for dealing with this or has anyone had a similar experience while in college and trying to be allowed time off when the worst does eventually happen. If it helps I’m with Clyde Marine Training.

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    First of all, I'm so sorry to hear this news.

    Get in touch with CMT, it may be possible for you to defer your place.

    Whilst I don't have personal experience of this, someone in my class had to take time out from college in Phase 3 and they ended up joining the group below us a year later.

    I think you would be justified in wanting to put all of this on hold to spend time with your family and I hope that CMT would be supportive of this.

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      Sorry to hear you’re in this situation, don’t let it worry you about your cadetship; focus on your family, Clyde will be waiting for you when you’re ready. Clyde Marine Training were good with me and gave me compassionate leave during the final college phase. I know of people who had several weeks off during sea phases, even flown home, for compassionate reasons.

      First off I’d recommend you tell your contact at Clyde the situation ASAP so they can help you sooner rather than later by making provisions. The first 2 weeks at college are a bit of a formality, you don’t exactly start the real stuff for a little while... what you miss should be easy enough to catch up on. Just please don’t think you’re going to lose your position with them, as that won’t happen.

      Let us know if you need any support, there are some good contacts on here for this kind of thing if you need any help. Sorry again, I wish your family all the best.


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        Sorry to hear about your news, I can only echo the above.

        Please contact Clyde Marine and speak to them ASAP regarding this. If you feel you wish to speak to someone in the college directly regarding this to put your mind at ease, please send me a DM. I am the Client Liasion officer for the faculty, and will do what I can to help.


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          Hey all thanks for the advice.

          I have spoken to Clyde and my training officer has been nothing but superb. I’ll still be starting in September as my mum and stepdad refuse to let me not! Luckily got a group chat going with a few of the people who are starting alongside me and some of them have been really helpful also.

          Once again thanks for all the advice.