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Odd problem regarding TRB signatures

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  • Odd problem regarding TRB signatures

    Hi, I have a weird problem with my TRB. I completed a task with the eto and he signed it for me, it was regarding refrigeration systems. He entered his info on the specimen page but did not have his cert info on hand so we moved on and decided he'd just get it to me later. (this is the only time he signed my taskbook)

    What follows is obviously 100% my fault - I ended up totally forgetting I needed his cert info until the very last day I was onboard. I tried to get it from him but it turned out he had gone ashore and nobody knew when he would return, so I asked the second engineer who had already signed a lot of my tasks to enter his signature in the same task box next to the etos. Looking back on it I'm not sure how this looks, now that I've been made fully aware of how stringent the MCA can be. Would the MCA raise their eyebrows at two signatures for the same task? Should I strike out the etos? Just leave it as it is? Write a note accompanying my NOE application explaining what happened or just not acknowledge it?

    I'm applying for my NOE a lot later than others from my intake so it will be out of my own pocket, I'm hesitant to send it off if I know they're just going to send it straight back and keep my money.

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    I’d say don’t worry, my ETO tasks were signed by ETOs that didn’t even have a ticket so just put their discharge book number. Luckily for you it’s an ETO, I believe many of them still don’t have CoCs like their engineering and deck friends. If you’re really worried you can contact your company as they’ll have his details on hand but it’ll take a while

    I’d bet my money that nobody would care, it’s one task and the second has countersigned it so that means it’s legit anyway.


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      I wouldn't worry about it
      If you want you can type up an explanation and put it in with your TRB, I had to do this because of using tipex in my TRB (oops) and my NOE came back fine.