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College and Sea Phase Holiday

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  • College and Sea Phase Holiday

    Hi guys

    I've got a couple of offers to start my deck cadetship in September.

    Just wondering what happens about holiday times/weeks off? Do you get normal scheduled times off like half terms and week long breaks or is it more random varied breaks at the end/before each phase?

    Also whilst at college is it a normal week, Monday-Friday with Saturday and Sunday off, or is it 7 days a week?


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    I was at South Tyneside College, no half term breaks for cadets but college is closed between terms (Christmas, Easter & Summer). Whether you can take advantage of these as holidays depends on when you're scheduled to be at sea.

    College is Monday-Friday, depending on your course you might be in 9-5 everyday or you might get the occasional free morning or afternoon.

    Once you finish your college phase you may get some time off before being sent to ship but there's no guarantee it just depends when your company has planned you to go away. Same can be said for when you're back from sea and waiting for college to start.

    To be honest, you don't get much time off throughout the cadetship - expect to steal a week or two here or there and that might be about it.


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      Which College are you hoping to attend?


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        My first choice offer will be at Glasgow


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          Sponsoring company?


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            hopefully chiltern maritime sponsored by trinity house


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              I am also hopefully to be sponsored by Chiltern Maritime however by MSC


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                As a current cadet, I was able to tell my sponsoring company what dates I wanted for holiday and I was lucky enough to get them, even for dates in the middle of my sea phase. however, this is not the norm.


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                  When at college do you get weekends off from attending lectures etc? If so are you free to do your own thing or what?


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                    Trinity/Chiltern here - I had 5 weeks before going to sea for phase 2. It would be hard to have any sort of holiday booked though, unless you do everything last minute.