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Offered a cadetship with Carnival UK

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  • Offered a cadetship with Carnival UK

    ive recently just been offered a engine cadetship with carnival uk and I’m over the moon.

    so any advice and tips would be extremely useful.

    Plus, if I live in South Shields and ask them to go to the marine school here, just preferably for location purposes, what do you think they will say, I’m not going to drop out if that is their concern as I’ve done two feeder courses to even get to this point. My heart has been set on this for years.


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    There is somewhat of a tradition to place cadets away from their hometown, but this doesn't always apply. They can argue to say you should not be placed in Shields, to get you used to the life away from family... but they may not. It's also down to how many places they have at each college. You can only ask!


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      Maybe a little late, but I'm with Carnival and one guy had his offer withdrawn when he phoned them to discuss his allocation of college. If you give them plenty of notice, and make sure you stress that you're happy whatever happens, it can't hurt to ask, but don't kick off after the fact.


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        Might be late, but as my family are moving to Cornwall I asked Carnival UK for Southampton and got it guess it depends...