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Changing Colleges For IAMI's and Orals?

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  • agibbs98
    I’ve never heard of someone getting moved college, I should think it complicates financing for your sponsor. But as you say... only that can see what they can do! Hope it works out.

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  • Nemo_Ryan
    started a topic Changing Colleges For IAMI's and Orals?

    Changing Colleges For IAMI's and Orals?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently an HNC cadet and am due to go to sea in a few weeks, already sat my GU. The course that I am on is a little different from normal as I am at FNC and started in May. The way it goes is similar to FD as the guys I am in a class with did their level 3 as pre-cadets and started in May 2018 with their companies. The way the course goes is HNC phase 1, Sea phase 2, HND phase 3, sea phase 4, and Orals phase 5. What I am asking is as my family is returning back to the country while I am at sea for the second time I was hoping to change college for only the IAMI's and Orals as it saves me having to shift all my gear from home to FNC for 12 weeks. I am wanting to go from FNC (Fleetwood) to STC (South Tyneside) as STC is a 30-minute drive, for reference I have a motorbike and no access to a car as I haven't done my driving test. I have asked my company and they said they would look into it but I would like other people's opinions