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  • Gangway watch ?

    Hi Everyone,

    Pretty sure this only applies to smaller vessels ie OSV , Research, Survey etc... I am a 2nd sea phase cadet on a vessel of one of the above and the vessel is alongside at the moment. The chief officer currently has me and one other cadet doing gangway watch shifts 4 hours on 8 hours off per day and nothing else. Although i am using this time to study quite intesively it feels like i am wasting my time. Has anyone any guidance on what to do here? Or has anyone had any similar experience ? I actually see nothing in the TRB about gangway watch and i can tell you ive done more gangway watch than anything else on this trip.


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    The difficulty with OSV port calls is there's bugger all to do most of the time, particularly now that winter is on the way and it's basically rain 24/7.

    Do you get relieved when there's cargo loading/discharge? Moreover, have you asked the Chief if he can arrange for an A/b to relieve you, so you can "help" the OOW monitor the cargo load/discharge?
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      Well yes, there is bugger all to do but at least i could be shadowing the 2nd officer while he does his PM jobs etc...The vessel also only has 2 AB's meaning that I am filling in for one of the missing ABs gangway watch shift. Surely the vessel should be able to be run without the assistance of a cadets ? If I was not here what would the vessel do for gangway watch ?


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        Just ask the chief mate if he can assign you some jobs from the PMS. But yes all cadets have done gangway duty at some point.


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          I remain convinced that the meaning of life, the universe and everything will be discovered by a cadet on gangway watch. IT's all part of the fun of being a cadet, and it sounds like you're being very proactive in using it to study.