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Packing list/guide for cadet going to sea for the first time

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  • Packing list/guide for cadet going to sea for the first time

    Hi everyone! I know that this topic has been brought up many times in this forum but i just can't seem to find that exact one article that i've read in this forum regarding what to bring to sea which was very useful.
    Im a Singaporean cadet going out to sea in November so i thought better to get my stuff/certificates sorted first. Can anyone be kind enough to show me a packing list that covers all the essentials that i need as a cadet for my first sea contract without over packing. Appreciate it!

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    Don’t take anything too expensive of you own. The ships laundry will ruin it and possibly loose some bits. Also be prepared for your luggage going missing en route to the ship


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      Unfortunately the articles section does not work..

      This is the article I wrote and the checklist that goes with it.....


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        I had tried to find that one Hatchorder, glad it’s made a reappearance!


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          Thank you so much Hatchorder!