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  • Powerful laptop needed?

    I'm starting at Fleetwood as a Deck Cadet in September and need to upgrade my laptop for college but not sure how powerful it needs to be.

    I have been told by my sponsoring company an SSD is a must as hard drives can be corrupted due to the vibrations on board a ship.

    Has anyone got any recommendations as to what specification of laptop (do I have to run demanding software) would be good and if IOS/windows is the way to go?

    Have a max of around £1200 to spend so any suggestions in that price range welcome.


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    I had my last laptop for 5 years at sea and it worked fine, no issues with the hard drive at all and it went through some horrific trips for vibration, only got a newer one to play new games. They're probably covering themselves against claims from people saying that the ships broke their laptops. I now have an Asus Rog Strix 15".
    And the most demanding software you'll ever need to run for your cadetship is Word. As for IOS get a PC, a lot less hassle!
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      Ah OK thank you. I was skeptical about the hard drive claims as they said to also buy a portable hard drive for storage.


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        You should get an SSD anyway. Makes such a difference to the speed of the laptop.

        I went for a 13" laptop that is relatively light for travelling with.


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          Yeah, you're really not going to be running anything harsher than the Officer package and itunes. Just get something that you'll be happy watching films and doing essays on for the next few years.

          It's different if you're into gaming, I couldn't help you there.
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            Unless you're wanting to game while your away id invest all your money into large hard drives, you can get 8tb for around £200.
            I've had hard drives big and small at sea and they are still running perfectly healthy, just dont knock them too hard during travel.
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