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  • [Wiki] Phase 1 Review

    Hi everyone,

    Now as (for some of us) phase 1 draws to a close, I thought it might be worth getting an idea of the type of course material that has been covered in the different colleges, with a view to amending the wiki section on this.
    This doesn't mean the uploading of copious amounts of college copyrighted course material, just a run down of the module topic areas and summary of content, to help generate some wiki pages to summarise useful bits of info, as I start to think about looking again at breathing life into it.
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    Re: [Wiki] Phase 1 Review

    Cani find what uz have up atm. but heres what classes and tests we have to do.
    STC - HND ENGINE Sept "10 - May "11

    Basic Certs - Survival, First Aid, Fire Fighting, PSSR
    Communications - 1 class/week ( Speaking, Reading, Writing)
    Work Based Learning - (Operations & Maintenance, Safety & Management)
    Computing - ( Databases, Spreadsheets, Word, Back up, H&S, Op System)
    Maths -2/week ( Statistics, Algebra, Graphs, Transposition, Correlation & Regression, Reduction to linearity & Curve fitting, Probability)
    Maritime Industries - 1/week ( Maritime sectors, Regulatory bodies, World economy, Shipping markets, Employers - Training)
    Ship Ops - (Shipboard layouts, Work & Living place, Vessel Types, Cargo Handling ops)
    Stability & Construction - 1/week ( Stability, Construction)
    Mechanics - 2/week (Scalar & Vectors, Frameworks, Stress & Strain, Shear & Bending, Beams, Torsion... Vector Diagrams, Angular Quantities, Solid Uniform Disc, Centripetal force, Momentum.)
    Thermodynamics - 1/week ( Heat energy, Heat Transfer, Working Fluids, Thermo Systems, Combustion)
    Electrical - ( DC Circuits, Magnetism, Waveforms, AC Circuits )
    Marine Plant - ( Motor Propulsion, Pumps & Pumping Systems)
    Workshop - 4/week ( Bench Fitting, Machining, Welding)

    Classes without number per week are 1 per week but don't run the full year ( Sept - Dec or Jan - May)
    Notice how the decent classes only run half the year (Electical, Marine Plant)

    All tests are a 50% pass mark, 47 tests over phase 1.
    Workshop - 37 jobs + a Few Electrical Practical jobs.

    Summary its a Phase of MATHS, u will be talking formulas in ur sleep.

    Hope that gives u a wee bit of help.


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      Re: [Wiki] Phase 1 Review

      Sounds like alot of fun haha though i have already seen some of that but most of its quite new which keeps it interesting
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