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  • E-Newspapers on ship

    I'm a D/C about to go into Phase 4.... a great long time at sea in the new HNC route!

    Does anyone know of any news services that you can subscribe to that send full articles direct to your inbox as opposed to just a headline and a link? (Like the BBC) It would have to be a plain text email - no attachment at all, just an email with the article in it, otherwise it'll just get blocked when new mail is downloaded to the ship.

    Would be great to get something sent daily or weekly, some of the e-newspapers I've seen aren't the best.

    Cheers guys!
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    Re: E-Newspapers on ship

    Ask you Captain if the vessel receives a daily (or weekly) "Newslink" service. Most companies have this and it only takes them an email to have individual countries added to it.
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      Re: E-Newspapers on ship

      We get OceanLink which seems to be from the Gaurdian, not sure on price though, as the entire fleet gets it in many languages

      Though you might have interweb in which case you're ok to do bbc on your own
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