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help with funding.

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  • help with funding.

    on first phase on engineer officer which is the nc bit just wondering if you can get any other type of income. like ema or saas or a student bursary or that?

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    Re: help with funding.

    Do you live in England, Wales or Scotland?


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      Re: help with funding.

      you can't get any loans or grants until phase 3, but i think you can get an SAAS grant if your from scotland or wale
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        Re: help with funding. ... /DG_066986
        If your company doesn't pay for your accommodation check section on Residential suport.
        You can also apply to SAAS if your on a foundation degree but not a HNC/HND/NVQ. THis is what I've been told not sure how true it is.


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          Re: help with funding.

          erm... if you're on FD I think you can apply for some SLC loans and grants... if you're on HND it's less user-friendly.

          I am fairly well-versed in this area... although I am a bit pissed.

          As an engineer, you can join IMarEST and potentially get some cash out of them.
          IMechE may also be relevant... as may, what's it called,,. the Mars Ship Training Fund...

          It's the sort of thing you could make a flowchart for... the first question being is are you FD or HND... if the latter, then it's pot noodles for you I'm afraid.
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            Re: help with funding.

            You dont really need these sorts of things, or at least I never needed. You can live alrightish off your CMT wage.

            According to SAAS you don't actually have to be from Scotland to claim some form of money from them, you only have to live there and study there.
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