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  • [Modification] Banning list

    Any chance of updating the members list to show whos been banned (or have them removed once ban applied) especially prema-bans, been throwing the banning stick around a bit this morning so be nice to tidy up a bit

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    Re: [Modification] Banning list

    There are currently no modifications available for this, the tools are available to admins to manually delete users (which is the only way of removing them from the memberlist), however, I have been doing this for the past few weeks and deleting 10-20 users a day takes a lot of time, time which I do not have.
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      Re: [Modification] Banning list

      I'm supposed to be doing it... but I'm in the same boat as H (bu-bum tish).

      It's clear we need to switch the system around in favour of manually approving members rather than having to manually delete them.

      Maybe each new registration could trigger an e-mail... spread out to mods and admins to approve to divide up the workload?

      Some domains: e.g. college and company ones could be on auto approve. Or maybe we could look into a registration questionnaire to sort people into groups, but also add some manual barriers to put off spammers?

      I had a quick search on my lethargic old laptop: ... hp?t=35329 <- a mod?
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        Re: [Modification] Banning list

        I spent tonight installing a mod, you might see reference to it, it is the Anti-Spam ACP. With any luck this will help reduce the amount of spam created, and reduce the amount of bannings etc.
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