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Orals results for all MCA Offices for OOW(D), Mates, Masters, OOW(E), 2nd E, Chiefs from 2014 to 2018

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    Originally posted by Blueblisteringbarnacles View Post

    I am surprised though that no one tells cadets that being drunk on board is a huge no-no on ships and frowned upon by everyone on board, irrespective of their rank.
    The tolerance for behaving like an idiot (eg: in a party) or being unable to do one's work (eg: sleeping off after getting drunk and not appearing for one's watch or work) has gone way down over the last 30 years. And even more so if the reason is drunkenness. Have seen umpteen log book warnings, emails to the company and termination of work due to being drunk at work / misbehaving due to being drunk / awol during the last 20 years..
    They do, but like any large group of people, particularly where some of them might be quite young still, there are idiots/people who know better/get carried away/are easily influenced. Persistent drunkenness or misjudgement would be a serious problem in my book, or a dangerous misjudgement (i.e. turning up for mooring stations on departure drunk, instead of having the sense to lay low and take the lesser punishment later (as a cadet)), but I doubt many got through their cadetships without at least one incident, even if nothing formal was ever done/said about it.


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      Does anyone know what the total orals passing rate has been for 2022?

      Now that the place where the examiner is based does not matter (since all orals are now done online - and the MCA says it plans to stick to this style - a candidate based in Southampton and studying in Warsash can be assigned an examiner from anywhere in the UK).

      Of course, one good thing - all orals are now recorded (the examiner tells this at the outset to teh candidate).

      One more note - now all OOW orals have a Part A (online test) and only after they clear Part A, which has a pretty high passing mark, can they book Part B (the orals test).