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Orals results for all MCA Offices for OOW(D), Mates, Masters, OOW(E), 2nd E, Chiefs from 2014 to 2018

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    I see where you are coming from and agree CCTV would be better in all respects. I suspect they don't want CCTV because it would probably result in a massive increase in exam appeals because there would be hard evidence of how an exam went whereas at the moment its your word against theirs.

    I wonder how other industries deal with it. Driving tests are the immediate ones that spring to mind where you are left alone with the examiner and allegations could be made. Does anyone know if these are recorded?


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      Originally posted by EH75 View Post
      Driving tests are the immediate ones that spring to mind where you are left alone with the examiner and allegations could be made. Does anyone know if these are recorded?
      They're not at the moment but they're looking into body-worn cameras for examiners.

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        I emailed the MCA asking for info on the latest results from warsash for chmates/master HND full and glasgow. They said I should try the colleges direct so I did and I posted the Glasgow results in college specific thread. Then I got my reply from warsash which contradicts Hatchorder results. See screenshot of the email I received ??????


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          Is be absolutely astonished if they were getting a pass rate of almost 90% given what I've heard about Warsash over the last couple of years.


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            Sorry, but someone here is telling porky pies!

            The results from the FOI request I made to the MCA showed that in 2017/2018 there were 142 entries and 66 passes making a pass rate of 46.5% for the Mates exam. For Masters there were 48 entries and 28 passes making a pass rate of 58.3%. This gives a combined total of 190 examinations and 94 passes. This gives a combined pass rate of 49.5%.

            I cannot see how Warsash can claim there was a pass rate of 87.7%...............

            Someone is either blatantly lying or they have a different set of statistics and criteria to the MCA..............

            Also if you look back through their results there was never anywhere near that level of pass rate historically. If they are saying that over half of the entrants were not their entries and virtually all of their candidates passed and virtually every other candidate failed then I call bull**** - based on my own sons experience on a Mates course where I believe the pass rate was about 25%??????

            It does not add up does it?


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              I assume those stats only relate to the academic qualification from the course ie the HND - the MCA require a higher pass mark in some subjects than the university require to pass the exam

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       Well I asked the same question of city of glasgow college and there results were far more realistic.


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                  Surely there are a differences because one is Oral results the other the college results the two things are not the same as Jorgesc
                  Thinking about it how would a college know the results of an exam conducted by the MCA? How can a college know where someone sat their oral. Not all will have done a mates course either.
                  Perhaps this is why the MCA could not help when asked. Under FOI and GDPR laws they?d have had a problem providing even if they did know. If the question had been to the MCA what are the pass rates for your test centres then they could, as they did for Hatchorder.


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                    Originally posted by MrStealth View Post

                    I got an "Oops, sorry". We're still talking about other aspects.. Well, the union are. Apparently.
                    Did you ever get anywhere with this? Just curious.


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                      I got signed up for City of glasgow in Jan and managed to keep away from warsash. I was thinking about getting in touch with nautilus to see if they were interested in looking into it. Who ever sent the email is a total scumbag and I'd like them shamed it's just hard when I'm at sea and the Internet is pants