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    Hi all,

    Just for abit of an insight about what it's like being a cadet at sea on a first phase I was just wondering if I could get some information about what it's like being a cadet for the First few months at sea specifically on a tanker. What do they do daily? What are they hours they work?

    Thank you all in advance.

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    the normal working day on a tanker is usually 8am-5pm for all members of the engine room and possibly a half day finish on Sunday (although you may receive a full day off as a study day depending on the chief engineer). In the morning you will most likely be assigned with the task of outside log so to take all the pressure, temperature readings around the engine room. You may also be asked to dip the tanks in the engine room. Afterwards (depending if allowed by the engineers) you may be given the job to complete inside log afterwards. You would then most likely be given the opportunity to assist with the daily maintenance tasks. Definitely take the oppertunity to be vocal and ask to get involved and show the designated ships training officer (usually the second) your training book to show tasks that you require completing. If the days are quiet I would usually take this oppertunity to trace systems.
    Phase 5 SPD engine cadet at city of Glasgow college. Doing a a combined motor and steam ticket.