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    Hi I am 30 and due to start at fleetwood in September on the marine engineering hnd and am just a bit curious about what to expect from the first few weeks.

    Are lessons conducted in a similar fashion to school and is my level of maths expected to be at a high standard from the get go?? If so what areas in should I focus on working on prior to starting?


    Is there discipline within the college that sorts out any class clowns that might be present? I appreciate that most cadets will be around 18-21, maybe away from home for the first time and while I am partial to a laugh and a joke I am going there to learn and progress.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback

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    It's deja vu all over again...
    io parlo morse


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      It’s taught like college, an adult teaching adults. Your timetable may be relaxed or may be 9-5, but it will change from one to the other as the years progress.

      You won’t be expected to be great at maths, it’s taught from basics upwards to where you need to be. Our first phase maths literally started from addition and subtraction upwards to integers and algebra; we were put into “ability” groups after our first day in which we had a maths test - not to fail or pass, so they can see if you’ll need more support or less support. This remained my class for my three years, whether or not Fleetwood do this I’m not sure.

      Anyone who doesn’t concentrate or do well will be dropped by their sponsor or maybe even dropped by the college, so I doubt you’ll have anyone too much of a problem for long. You’ll find all kinds of personalities in class, that’s for sure.


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        Fleetwood was pretty much the same as this except we weren't split into ability groups.