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Thrust block temperature

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  • Thrust block temperature

    I'm currently revising for my IAMI EK's and I've come across a question relating to thrust block temperature that i'm struggling to find an answer to.

    The question asks;

    A) Describe the actions that the EOOW should take on finding that the temperature of the thrust block is rising above normal acceptable range (6)
    B) Explain why the thrust block temperature is critical (10)

    For part A i am semi confident in my answer but maybe I've missed something. I've mentioned the engine slow down trip at >75 degrees Celsius and to contact C/E. If temp continues to rise then request engine be stopped if safe to do so. Check LO and cooling water.

    For part B i'm not entirely sure what to answer with. I know that the white metals of the block bearings are made of white metals and would be subjected to extensive damage if the temperature was to get too high if the cooling systems weren't adequately controlled but aside from that i'm not sure how to answer the question for 10 marks.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    ask bridge to reduce the load on the engine is the first action. call C/E, and then as you mentioned check oil level, and oil temperature, normally on a motorship the thrust bearing is integral to the engine so you would be looking at engine LO temps etc.

    for the second part you can mention that the thrust bearing is very highly loaded and that high temp will reduce oil viscosity and that as there is often no forced preasure lubrication it relies completely on hydrodynamic lubrication.
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