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Vodafone mobile phone issues or other provider?

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  • Vodafone mobile phone issues or other provider?

    Our son will be going to sea in the Caribbean and then transiting to the western med for a while. Vodafone advise that if he uses his phone he would have to pay the £6 charge per day. He is not under any contract at the moment.
    How to people use their phones when away at sea? What is the best sim to use? Who is the best provider

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    3 by far, their feel at home is a godsend, in 71 destinations you can use your phone like your in the UK.

    Not sure how good they are if you're not in one of their feel at home destinations.
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      3 - It's cheap, feel at home is AWESOME and if you're roaming it won't cost a huge amount.
      Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

      Will work for money/sea time.


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        Three have the best deal on their "feel at home" contract.

        o2 is resonable as within Europe (and caribbean island of Martinique and Guadalope) it is treated as if you're in the UK, elsewhere its charged at £4.99 per day (some random places are higher)...

        If you're going to be operating in a particular area it's usually a good idea to pick up a local sim card.

        Word of warning: If your son is on a cruise ship - make sure he switches on airplane mode when the ship departs - otherwise it will connect to the ships mobile network (pretty much all cruise ships have one), which is not included in any of the travel deals and will cost him an absolute fortune.
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