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HNC or HND??

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  • HNC or HND??

    Can anyone shine a light on the difference between a HNC and HND for me please. I have just passed a telephone interview with chiltern and am halfway to having a Cadetship. I understand that a HND is the better qualification but I have got this far based on my experience in marine engineering rather than my current academic ability. I don't wanna choose the HND route to then find out I am massively out of my depth. Thanks for any responses

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    HND is the HNC with a bunch of additional units at the higher level to cover exemptions to Chiefs/Management level. At Warsash at least, it's identical and in the same groups up until the final college phase where all the HND units are taught.

    Whilst there is a step up in terms of difficulty/workload, if you can do well at the HNC units and are able/willing to put the work in there is no reason you shouldn't be fine with the HND units.

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      If you can do the HNC you can do the HND, I’ve never heard of anyone passing the former and failing the latter. The FD can be a bit more challenging I believe.

      Either way it gets you the same job and you’ll either spend 6 months extra at college to do the HND (and exemptions to management level) or you’ll spend 6 months when you come to do your management course studying the stuff you didn’t study avoiding the HND. Some say it’s best to study all in one go, some prefer to get working quicker and study later, some have no plans to do their additional tickets so it’s irrelevant.