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    Beefy and Malim brought up an interesting question in the seasickness thread on the anonymous forum, how many cadets actually get to sail on british flagged ships, and how many of those are crewed by british officers? And what flags/nationalities are cadets sailing with?

    Why don't we have an ongoing poll?
    Rough outline...

    Questions only relate to the training period you are doing/did as a cadet.

    When did you start and end your training?
    What training company are/were you with?
    What sponsor company are/were you with?
    How many trips have you done/did you do as a cadet?
    What flags have you sailed under as a cadet?
    Was the flag you sailed under a flag of convenience?
    If you sailed on a british ship, was the bridge crew british?
    How would you rate the support and help given to you by the officers on each trip? (1 =V good, 5 = V bad)
    Trip1: Flag.... Crew.... 1 2 3 4 5
    Trip2: Flag..... Crew.... 1 2 3 4 5
    Trip4 etc

    Might be beyond this site, but what about surveymonkey? (If anyone knows how to work it?)

    I think the results could be really interesting, esp if we got a good spread across the time people were in training, we could get a good load of data and then go to Nautilus with it?!

    Right, enough procrastination, back to passage planning


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