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HNC Vs HND when it comes to chief mates

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  • HNC Vs HND when it comes to chief mates


    I've been searching the web and the different college websites looking at the course lengths for future Chief Mates courses when it comes round to it. I'm currently part way through my cadet ship on the HNC route. There are lots of different courses listed on the Warsash and Fleetwood website so I was hoping somebody may be able to clarify some stuff for me.

    Would I be correct in saying:

    HND topup is 26 weeks long and is to be completed directly after qualifying as an OOW.

    If you then complete your HND, it'll then be another 25 weeks for your chief mates.

    If you don't complete your HND and go straight to chief mates from HNC level, it'll take 52 weeks which will include your HND and then your chief mates?

    Is this correct?
    Is this the only difference between the courses?


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    The guys I know who went from HNC to Chief Mates recently were only away from work for around 3-4 months, so I'd say 52 weeks isn't correct. As for an exact answer, I'm not sure.


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      Sega, that's how I understand it too. The HNC jump to Chief Mate was always three terms at college (effectively a year). The other option might be what's now called a 'blended learning' Mates course, i.e. you do some of the HND academic study at sea, thus reducing college time to two terms. Colleges are starting to introduce these to get round visa restrictions for foreign students.


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        Having spoke to a colleague who has just done it he advises with a HNC the entire course length at Shields can be as little as 3 months to Chief Officer CoC, this includes the academic subjects and oral prep. Some colleges offer longer courses which aim to prepare you more and increase your chances of success, and as mentioned some allow you to distance learn the academics, minimising college time.


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          If you have an HNC then the mates course is a full academic year.

          If you have an HND the mates course is one term (i.e. about three and a half months).

          If you have a FD the mates course is usually 4-6 weeks.

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