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    Hello Chaps,

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with SSTG providing berths with other companies mid way through the cadetship? I've not been getting enough bridge watch-keeping with my sponsor company and I've been told this could be a possibility for me. Does anyone have any experience of this and if so which companies/vessels did you do a trip on?



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    This seems to be an urban myth many Clyde/SSTG cadets get told, myself included. I've never heard of it actually happening; at the end of the day it has zero benefit to the company who would place you on their ship.

    If you don't finish your seatime or your TRB they will just give you longer. A girl I know in your situation got sent away on an 8 month trip to make up her time.


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      Can confirm: Not a myth, at least not with SSTG, it's happened to a guy on my current vessel. He went to a company called Arklow, my company manager has asked for SSTG to look for a place for me somewhere too.
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        Don't know anyone who this happened to, although there were about 6 or 7 people in my phase with SSTG who did not get enough sea time. They all just got "back phased". Ie they didn't come back to college for the last phase with the rest of us, they had a longer sea phase instead so they could get all their seats time then went back to college with the phase after us. Obviously resulted in them qualifying six months later than they originally would've.


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          My ship has taken SSTG cadets on short term trips before. They probably will again while I'm back at college even though I'm the only cadet they currently sponsor.

          And as an SSTG cadet I put in a request for seatime on a different ship and they sent me on an interview with a cruise company. Don't know if I'll get it but there are several slots available so I'm happy to have been given a fair shot.

          Edit: Just to add, I was successful so can confirm it does happen!


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            Only ever heard of back phasing, stay a cadet till you've got your time in.
            Just out of interest why aren't you getting bridge time???


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              My sponsor company operates vessels on a "call out" basis, so if they're not getting called out to do some work then they sit on standby alongside. They've done their best to put me on the busier ships but unfortunately they've just not been called out so my in-company training manager has asked SSTG if they can find a berth for me elsewhere to get me the time.

              I'd rather not be back-phased, creates a lot of complications for me when I come to revising for orals, not to mention missing the passing out ceremony of the people I've enjoyed the last couple of years with.