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    I'm currently applying for a student loan and need a bit of advice.

    1) When I select the course (HND Nautical Science) it says that it is only one year. However the FD option for Nautical Science correctly says 3 years including placement year. If I go ahead with the HND option it asks "Which year of your course is the application for?" and only gives the option of "First", obviously because it only has it registered as a one year course. I'm hesitant to continue as if I do that then maybe they will only be able to give me a maintenance loan for my first year? However, if I choose the option that my course is not available and then manually enter the course instead of picking it from the list, it gives me the option of selecting more than "First" at the "Which year of your course is the application for?" question. Should I just manually enter the course in that case?

    2) After declaring that I will go on a work placement, it asks "Will you be paid for attending your work placement?". I guess that this means will I be getting a wage for the work, so technically that should be a no right? As my bursary doesn't really count as specifically being paid for a work placement, since I get it even while not working at sea. I'm worried that if I say "Yes" then I'll get less money than what I need. Ah but an update as I'm writing this... a page on the application states that they can share my information with my college if I like because I may be eligible for a bursary, so I guess that they treat bursaries as not getting paid for a work placement, otherwise they would have asked the question earlier.

    3) I'm applying for a higher maintenance loan. When asking about by financial information it asks "Will you get any income that isn't from employment or self-employment during academic year 2017/2018?" It then says that other income might include "Money from trusts or sponsorships"... I'm guessing that bursary would count as this? I've entered my bursary amount here but it's probably going to f**k the amount that I can get

    I've got it ready to submit but would appreciate any advice from anyone who has done this before.


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    Hi SeaMonkey,

    I just rang the student loan company and got the answers for you...

    1) Their systems don't seem to be up to date. Need to ring the college and get the UKAS code, enter that in the student loan application and it'll bring up the correct 3 year HND course.

    2) Bursary doesn't count.

    3) Again, bursary doesn't count.



    In all seriousness though, hopefully this will help anyone who runs into such questions. If anyone is in the same boat and needs some help with the student loan side of things then give me a shout.


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      Need more help! The college have told be that I can't claim a maintenance loan for phase 1 and can only claim it for phases 3 and 5 (now that I think about it they may have said 6 but I'm pretty sure that there are only 5 phases).

      I'm pretty sure that I've read somewhere that people have run into this problem before, can anyone advise? Need to know asap as it'll really screw things over for me if I can only get a maintenance loan in phases 3 and 5. My mortgage doesn't magically disappear in phases 1, 2 and 3!


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        I think there have been a few discussions on here before regarding maintenance loans, have you tried using the search function to look around around the forum for them? I can't remember the exact details off the top of my head but I'm sure someone will be along shortly who has been in a similar situation.


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          Yep, been having a look through the forum with search and it's helping somewhat. Hoping someone will be along soon though to provide the most up to date info as some threads are a few years old.

          I've also spoken to the college and found out a few things which I'll post in a little while in the hope that it helps someone else in a similar position. Might be handy to have as sticky thread with all this on


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            I was on the foundation degree course and while I didn't claim the maintenance loan I applied for the grant. I was eligible for this in year 1, 2 and 3. (Phase 1, 3 and 5)

            However, I heard that those on the HND/HNC were not able to claim student finance for phase 1. I don't know the details of why not but I remember this being an issue for some.

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              Pretty sure it's because in phase one you're studying for a level 3 qualification.


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                Yup, the level 3 qualification studied in Phase 1 of the HNC/HND route is not Higher Education and thus ineligible for student finance.

                I know of some HND cadets who applied for finance in phase 1, were issued the first payment, then told to repay it because it had been issued mistakenly.

                This may not be true for all colleges (merely because I don't know the course structure at all of them), but appears to be the case in your situation.

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                  Thanks for the replies.

                  Basically what the last two posts said. Phase one doesn't count as HE, phase two you are at sea, so you are only eligible for a student maintenance loan for phases 3 & 5. It's certainly worth knowing in advance of thinking about how to consider sponsors, I would have played it differently had I known this in advance. Partly my own fault for not seeing the posts that I have seen today, although to be fair I still had a decent look on the forums beforehand and it was only when I started asking questions about the application process that all this came to light. Lesson learned and hopefully this post will help someone else in the future.

                  I've applied for a Professional and Career Development Loan to see if that can get me through phases 1 & 2, then I should be OK from phase 3 onwards if I can get the higher maintenance loan. I'm to feeling too optimistic about getting a PCDL but again I'll post the outcome on here so people know whether or not that option is available.

                  For what it's worth I think that it's utter garbage that an FD student can get a yearly maintenance loan from day one but an HND student can only get one years worth of a maintenance loan across their whole three years and not until phase 3/year 2 starts. At the end of the day, both students could be in an identical financial position regardless of whether or not their first phase is level 3 or higher and both are working towards pretty much the same goal, just taking a different route. An HND student isn't any less likely to need the money than an FD student.

                  It's also pretty poor that in the eyes of the government/student loan company, an FD student's sea time is worth the maintenance loan, but an HND student's sea time is not. How does that work?


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                    Yeah its unfortunate. The loans system is designed for mainstream eduction and the very small amount of students that do cadetships compared to the wider educational system have obviously not been considered. I think there are a few maritime charities that can offer burseries, hardship funds etc if this is going to put you in a difficult situation financially. I now have a mortgage and family etc and there is no way I would've been able to do a cadetship at this point in life, fair play to the people that manage it!


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                      Yeah the mortgage is a big stumbling block because there's no way I'd want to sell my house after being in it for ten years, but I reckon I can just about manage to get around it. Having a family would be a deal breaker though!