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    When away at sea as a cadet on first sea phase, on cruise ship, can anyone tell a curious parent how much ( if any ) shore time the cadet is likely to get off?
    Also how does laundry get done, do you have to take it to a laundrette on board yourself or do you put it in a bag ( like passengers do) and it gets returned to you once done?
    Any info great,y appreciated!

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    Cadets will get a reasonable amount of time off, in that time they can go ashore, catch up on college work, go to the gym, relax, sleep, whatever. Sometimes they get a chance to go on guest tours as well.

    Laundry wise, uniform is done for you for free using the "stick it in a bag" method you describe. Personal clothes you do yourself, there are washing machines for crew which are free but you have to provide your own washing power.

    Above is CUK but I imagine most cruise lines will be similar.


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      Thanks for the reply

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