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Passed my Orals but cant get passed my SQAs

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  • Passed my Orals but cant get passed my SQAs

    Hello all

    Im in the lucky position where ive passed my orals first time, and have failed my SQAs (Nav [2 (section fail)], Stab [5 (pass)]).
    So I failed by a few marks so I thought id get it next time.

    I took this weeks resit and looking through the answers it seems like ill either scrape through (if someones in a very good mood) or likely get what I got last time.

    Problem is that those results don't come out till the 7th of December and the resit is in November. Im going to have to resit an exam (at a cost of £225) when I dont even know if ive failed.
    My company have also stopped paying me.

    Does anyone have and advice, or better yet know of something useful I can be doing for the next month and a half (other than revision)?
    2/O Tankers

    Watch out for big green boxes...