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Cma cgm monthly projects deck cadet

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  • Cma cgm monthly projects deck cadet

    Hi guys im about to start my sea phase with cma as a deck cadet and i heard their training system is very well structured. Id like like to ask those who did their cadetship with them to send me via pm their projects to use them as a model in redactation. Thanks in advance.

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    From what i read on here Cma Cgm offer very good training for their cadets. Perhaps going that extra mile....which is puzzling since they dont want to employ British Officers apparently.


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      Im romanian brah , found this forum by browsing and i consider it very usefull. I admire your comunity a lot.


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        As an ex CMA CGM engine cadet, I can say for sure Im grateful I got a cadetship with them as they paid for everything no problem... But to say their training is well structured and good is nonsense! SSTG run their show, who I found very good. I met the CMA training manager twice, the second time he didn't remember meeting me and I don't think even knew my name properly!
        But then I cant say that is the same for a Romanian cadet as I was in the UK, they might have a totally different set up and offer employment, so you might have to take them more seriously than I did.


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          Usually romanians go on UK flagged ships too.I plan on becoming an officer with them too. In Romania there is no SSTG , each cadets struggles to find a place at a company.


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            How does the whole Brexit effect you and your countrymen Sailorbreh ?, does it make a difference in getting on UK flagged ships or that ? Good luck with your Cadetship seen a few Romanian guys around the college doing courses and cadetships etc when i was there. I dont know if the likes of Clyde and SSTG are gonna start recruiting from other European countries and putting them through their COC in Britain


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              Romania has no fleet , our leaders sold it to scrap metal right after comunist days were over. We work for international companies mostly and the recruitement is thourgh logical tests , maritime tests , interviews and the usual stuff. The number of graduates is very high from our universities but very little cadet offers therefore a lot of cadets are left without jobs.
              I dont think we'll get our coc in britain , since we have our naval authority wich is still doing its job very well i must say.