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    I have a few companies offer me engineering cadetships I would like other people's opinions on which company to pick. The companies are. PNTL, ANGLO EASTER with PIL (Pacific interanarional lines), BIBBY SHIP MANAGMENT/V GROUP. I want to work on tankers or offshore support.

    Is doing a Cadetship for a large container company beneficial for a British cadet regarding a job.

    Should I start a Cadetship working in the offshore industry. (On support vessels)

    Which vessels are higher paid out of tankers and support vessels. Also which are better for cadets to get trained on?

    What are the best type of ships for Engineering cadets to recive training on?
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    Bloody hell, you could have just asked all your questions in one thread rather than just spamming the entire forum with similar questions!

    If you want off-shore and/or tankers, then go with Bibbys as they manage both kinds as well as many other vessel types.
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