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    Hey - I'm sure this question has been asked a gazillion times however i can't seem to find the right info!

    I have been offered an interview with princess and the dreaded maths assessment at the interview was mentioned in the email. Does anyone have any experience with what this test is like?

    Maths is not my strong point, i am studying just now so that i can refresh my memory a little.

    I would just like to know if there is certain things i should be studying, is it a big paper? calculator or non?

    Thanks guys, any advice is warmly welcomed


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    And welcome
    io parlo morse


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      I have found the "New Entrant Maths Study Guide" from Warsash to be extremely helpful. If you can work through the exercises without struggling too much then I imagine you'd be absolutely fine at interview.
      Here's the link:
      Just download the relevant file at the bottom and then work through the HND or FD folders, whichever one you're going for.


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        If it's anything like the Carnival assessment which I have done twice (and I imagine it would be given Princess is also owned by them) it consists of both calculator and non-calculator parts, and the sections you will be asked to complete will differ depending upon the type of course you've indicated an interest in- FD or HND. I found that BBC Bitesize as suggested by the Carnival team in their invitation was very helpful, as were the old CGP revision guides.