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    Afternoon all, by the time I start the application process I will have the necessary GCSE academics for an engineering cadetship, also I have a level 2 plumbing technical cert I did at college a few years ago and a level 2 public services qualification, I have a fair few other qualifications but they aren't really relevant to this role, for the last 3 years I've been a mechanic first a Garage where I got my level 2 and then progressed to supervisor, for the last year I've Been working at a garage which specialises in Rolls Royce, Bentley and Porsche.
    I work on modern cars but it tends to be more involved in classics which are way more engineering based and I do a fair bit of fabrication included ( MIG welding acetylene welding ) also I'm not bad with a lathe either, my job includes a lot of over-hauling and rebuilding, I have a good knowledge of tools and I'm pretty handy with them, due to the rusty nature of these cars I'm pretty knowledgeable with types of metal and the stress they can take including thermal expansion etc, anyway I'm wondering if this would be an advantage to me over someone I.E a school leaver with no hands on practical experience when I comes to a company picking applicants, cheers in advance

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      Good, any other inputs would be great cheers all