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  • Qualifications!!!

    Alright All, I am due to start college at GCNS in a few weeks to do HNC Engineering course. I already Have a HNC in electrical Engineering and have been working as a design Engineer the last 3 n half years.

    I was just wondering If I should be doing the PD engineering course as I already have a HNC in another engineering background?


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    Re: Qualifications!!!

    According to this:
    There are lot of different modules you could do to have got your HNC, you may not have all the ones you need.

    Can you demonstrate that your HNC has a
    Minimum 120 UCAS points preferably to include Higher Mathematics and Physics at level B.
    ? ... _cadetship

    I think the difference is fundamentally about your maths level, not practical work experience.
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      Re: Qualifications!!!

      In the HNC electrical Engineering I done the following Modules.
      Electrical Principles
      Information Technology
      Three Phase Induction Motors
      Power Electronics
      Inspection and Testing of Low Voltage Electrical Installations
      Programmable Logic Controllers
      Electrical Systems in Hazardous Environments
      Control Systems
      Further Mathematical studies
      Electrical Installation Skills
      Engineering Quality.

      Aswell As, Communications - Quality Assurance & a Project in 2nd year.


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        Re: Qualifications!!!

        That would almost qualify you to be an ETO (at least many currently working have that but with the High Voltage modules).
        I suppose it's just that you haven't got A-levels, and that HNC is not considered equivalent. Having said that, having both of these would make you pretty handy - if you added a couple of those COLU distance learning modules in things like HV and whatever else seems useful.
        You could probably get EngTech accrediation with the IET for the electrical side as well as IEng accreditation for the mechanical side with IMarEST eventually. There's also a couple of other of these institutes that might be useful for the old CV. ... stitutions
        (as well as the CQI if you're a bit of an Arnold Rimmer...)
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          Re: Qualifications!!!

          tbh i think you can get away with having less than 120 ucas points because i did a BTEC 1st diploma in engineering and the college said i need to get a pass in that when my results come through and i think it was a B in GCSE maths aswel (which i am expecting an A* in), a pass in a BTEC 1st dip is only worth 40 ucas points so i dont think they are too strict on it i think its more guidlines and because your HNC is engineering based you will have done maths for engineers and so it wont be too much. you dont need A-levels to get on the pd ive just finished my gcse's and im doing it. i would ring clyde and the college up asap and tell them that you have the HNC and ask to change because the engineering pd starts in 2 weeks.
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