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  • Slightly nervous + worried!

    Good evening!

    I have looked around at the current offerings of what sponsorships are on offer at the moment, and I have a question about the entry requirements.

    Ive applied to a number of recruitment agencies for the HND route to become a Deck Officer. My current GCSE grades are;
    Maths: C (Higher tier)
    English: C
    Science (Double Award): BC
    ICT: C
    Design and Technology (resistant materials): C

    I hear more and more than employers in other industries are looking not only for qualifications but also past experiences. I took place in a two week long placement in a certain port on the south east coast....and have sailed for a good few years when I was young (which has since stopped considering my studying commitments). I have also been employed in a customer focused environment for over 3 years.

    Would these experiences and periods of employment work in my favour?

    I only ask because I see many different recruitment agencies advertising for 4/5 GCSE's A*-C but some state they require a Grade B in Maths (Higher tier).

    If anyone has any advice and pointers that they could give me, or even better to put my mind at rest and let me relax a little then this would be great!

    P.S. This is my first post, so if this has come up in previous threads/posts before I apologise.

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    Have you applied through Clyde? Those grades would meet their minimum criteria. The companies that require a B is usually for the HND route, where as Clyde have the HNC route. Apparently a lot of the companies are now using HNC but haven't updated their pages, so I applied for them anyway.

    I wouldn't say past sailing experience is too vital, as really the vast majority of people will have never had any experience on ships beyond a ferry or two, maybe the odd person has gone on a cruise.

    Go for CMT if you haven't done so already, and just look for more, specifically ones that offer the HNC course, but apply to the HND ones as well in the event that they haven't updated their webpages to show the HMC is being offered as well.


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      Hi DomKai,

      I have applied to CMT and completed the pre-application assessment successfully. Just waiting for a response from them. As for the HNC being preferred over the HND, I was not aware of this. Ill get in contact with those who are advertising GCSE Grade B or above in Maths as to what their policy still is, and hopefully that should put things straight and set me on the right course.

      Thanks for the advice!


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        I am assuming that the difference between HNC and HND is that one requires Maths grade B and the other doesn't? But is there any difference between the actual courses?


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          No, it's HNC and FD for cadetship and then it's HND. HND covers the theory upto chief mates I think. Hope this helps
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            You can do a cadetship on a HNC, HND or FD Programme. HNC usually requires a C in Maths and Science, HND a B in Maths and Science, whilst FD is for those with UCAS Points


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              The HND is longer - the Phase 5 is HND Part 2 (which the HNC doesn't have.) This second part is where you take and (theoretically) pass the SQA exams that provide your academic pass up to Chief Mate/Masters level. After the HNC you will need to do a full 9 months study to get to the right qualification level, as opposed to the standard Chief Mates course (length of which has escaped me.)

              Also, HNC, being 20 weeks shorter, is cheaper, and as such is a favourite of CMT.

              For a long time, the courses run together and there's no difference. It only splits after Phase 4 I believe.
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