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  • Booking Accommodation

    I should have put this on that previous thread about when people are arriving, but it's bit late now...

    So anyway, different colleges and courses have different start and end dates.
    Some of us may have queries about when to book accommodation from and to (even if our sponsors are paying for some or all of it).

    Questions may include:
    - Do cadets have to pay for accommodation over the Xmas and other holiday periods that happen in the middle of college phases? Or do they have to book again for the part of the phase after Xmas (and Easter for phase 3).
    - Do cadets check out/move out of college digs and go straight to a ship for phase 2 (or 4)? Or just go home and collect standby pay whilst waiting to be told what to do by the sponsor?
    - How much paperwork is there for when you move in? What documents do you need?
    - ...can't think of any more at the moment!

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    Re: Booking Accommodation

    I am told that my company only pay for accomodation while at college, and doing the course. That means they wont pay for Christmas I am told. My accomodation at plymouth I can only sign for a 40 or 43 week contract, so I am really not sure what is ahppening. And even if they pay for my accomodation when im at Sea. I would like to know also


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      Re: Booking Accommodation

      We were told our accom will be paid for in the first 5 weeks then afterwards the term " Paddle your own" comes to mind. We have to sort it our stuff out with either the halls of residence or private lets etc and since my company don't pay for term time accomidation the xmas period will be no different.

      I do intend on hopping on the train for home during the holiday period and also between sea phases