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Aspiring Cadet but at a loss

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  • Aspiring Cadet but at a loss

    Well as the title suggests I'm extremely interested in become a Cadet, working at sea is the "road" i wanted to go down when in school, but after receiving my grades, in all honesty I didn't think I was good enough. so instead of applying then, I undertook a business administration apprenticeship.

    But working at sea has always been on my mind, and I think if i don't at least attempt to secure a cadetship, I will only regret it in the future, so here I am now, well I've been reading these forums for a while but only just registered to post this

    I didn't get the best grades at my GCSE's (see below)

    • Business Administration NVQ Level 2 Grade: Pass Achieved 2014
    • Principles of Business & Administration BTEC Level 2 Grade: Pass Achieved 2014
    • Functional Skills IT Level 1 Grade: Pass Achieved 2014
    • English Language GCSE Grade: C Achieved 2012
    • English Literature GCSE Grade: C Achieved 2012
    • Mathematics GCSE Grade C Achieved 2012
    • Science GCSE Grade B Achieved 2012
    • Additional Science GCSE Grade C Achieved 2012
    • Modern History GCSE Grade D Achieved 2012
    • Geography GCSE Grade C Achieved 2012
    • Catering GCSE Grade C Achieved 2012
    • Hospitality GCSE Grade D Achieved 2012
    • CiDA (Certificate in Digital Applications) Pass Level 2 Achieved 2012
    • Award in Digital Applications Pass Level 1 Achieved 2012
    • Sports Leadership Level 1 Achieved 2011

    do you think with these grade I stand any chance of securing a position? I'm looking to apply to all that accept people with my level qualifications on the HNC/D route

    As with any application I am also struggling to write a CV that "sells" me for the position, with any position on a ship of any sort differs completely to an admin role, have you got any advice on how to write a wowing CV?

    If you would like to know anything else please just say, as this is a huge goal of mine, I am willing to put in as much time as necessary.

    Thank you for your help!

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    This should help!

    By "Hatchorder" (Ian) So you have found this page because you need a CV that will work?
    ~Con Affetto
    ~Abdul R. Rafiq

    ~It's your dream! If you want it to happen, Get your butt up and make it happen. If you want it to happen, Rise and Grind.


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      You shouldn't have a problem getting a cadetship based on your grades, most only require 4-5 GCSEs at C or above, you have those and the essential Maths/English/Science ticks.

      Just go for it! You sound like you have the drive and passion to succeed so I don't see why you wouldn't. Best of luck!


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        Yes. You have 5 GCSEs grade A*- C with Cs or above in Maths, English & Science. What's stopping you applying?
        'Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans'


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          I agree. My son has the 5+ GCSE's including C at Maths and English and has been accepted by one company. I have the same but with a B in Maths and Physics and have got to the final stages with another large company.
          Presumably you have scoured the MNTB website ( and looked at all the company websites. In addition to that, ask LOADS of questions on here. I don't think I'd have got this far without the advice on here.
          Go for it! Good luck.
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            Go for it my friend! Use the rest of your application to express your other advantages, it's not all about grades.


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              Thanks All! I've decided I'm going to apply! I've written a CV which I believe is good, which is a start.
              I've applied for MAERSK & Clyde Marine and am going to apply for Princess shortly, BUT i have a question.
              with Princess, where they want a CV emailed, do I need to send a covering letter as well?

              Another thing is where else can I apply? a lot of places I have seen require a B in maths or higher, and I know that copetition for a place is feirce so want to apply to as many as possible to increase my chances of getting an all important interview.

              Thanks again I really appreciate all the time and effort


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                I don't know if Hatchorder is around at the moment but its worth asking if he'll have a check over your CV for you. Also make sure you've read his article on writing CVs


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                  Originally posted by McBoo View Post
                  make sure you've read his article on writing CVs
                  His article was a god bless, does he really check over CV's for people?


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                    I can't speak for him, but it's worth sending him a PM.


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                      If you read Hatchorders article about cvs and do as he asks then he is likely to help if he's around. He will not write it for you. Try that and it will be a swift return and a boot up the behind I would imagine.
                      If you read some of the different posts about applications, it is wise to apply to all the companies as it is very competitive. Be prepared to wait quite a while for replies from some, and you will find some companies only have their applications open for a short time, BP , Shell for example. You will need to research each one for the dates of when to apply and make a note in a calendar diary it's easy to miss something that's months away. Some companies only take cadets once a year others do Jan and Sept.
                      Ask for feedback from interviews and applications if unsuccessful.
                      Also take a look at who is still recruiting thread that Hatch keeps updated there are notes on there about who recruits when etc.
                      Good luck and hope the New Year brings some good news for you.


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                        Try to get to the college open days where you will be able to speak directly to some shipping companies as well as representatives from SSTG and Clyde. Warsash is on Friday 23rd January and Fleetwood is on Saturday 14th February. South Tyneside is also in February.
                        if you do go to the open days remember to take copies of your CV with you.


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                          If I've not toddled off to sea by then I may be around at the fleetwood one
                          Dont just dream, Go and do it!!


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                            Once again, thank you for all of the help! I realised the only thing stopping me apply was myself, which as per previous post I've started to apply.
                            I do, however, have a few more questions more to do with who to apply to ETC. I've looked at a lot of the places in the "who's still recruiting" thread and will be applying to the following places; Princess, MAERSK, Clyde Marine & Trinity, to give myself the best possible chance of getting an engineering cadetship position. but to increase the chances even more, is there anyone else I can apply to? obviously they have to offer the HND program, and accept people with the grades I have...

                            I may sound like a broken record, and I'm sure I will annoy someone with all of my questions, but this is my dream, and I am finally going to try to make it a reality.

                            Thanks for everything so far!


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                              You could fire an application off to SSTG, they are a training organisation managing cadets for numerous companies, similar to Clyde but not-for-profit.