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Pritchard-Gordon Tankers/ wannabe cadet after some advice!

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  • Pritchard-Gordon Tankers/ wannabe cadet after some advice!

    Hi there,

    Been looking at a company called Pritchard-Gordon Tankers. It seems to be a good choice at the moment, from what I've read they are a British owned company who specialise in 'the transport of refined petroleum products in environmentally sensitive areas', operating shallow draft tankers around the Carribbean, USA and South Americas and have a preference for British crew, which all sounds very interesting to me. I am also drawn to the specialist side of tanker work...Dangerous cargo endorsement and the like.

    Anyone had expierience of these guys? Whats the General consesus for life/work onboard these kind of tankers?

    I have looked at large training companies like Maersk, who seem to have good training but no so good employment oppourtunities.
    Am also unsure about Clyde Marine, SSTG etc. as far as I understand it seems you have a prelimnary interview and then they decide which companies will sponsor you?
    I have also applied for BP shipping and Viking recruitment so far.

    Any advice would be hugely appreciated!



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    Re: Pritchard-Gordon Tankers/ wannabe cadet after some advic

    hello OK88. I cant give you much advice about the company, but all I can say is I have went to an interview with Maersk and Shell and SSTG. All offered me a place but I am taking the offer by SSTG/ CMA CGM. SSTG unlike Clyde are just a firm who work on behalf of companies (non-profitable) whereas Clyde are a business and will take a profit. SSTG are used by other companies to do their training for them, instead of the companies having their own like for example Maersk and Shell