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  • Health insurance

    Regarding insurance whilst at sea, if you have an accident on the vessel are you covered by the ships insurance or any other company insurance?
    Or is this left down to you.

    And during transit to and from ship is it worth getting a policy to cover you?
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    Re: Health insurance

    Most companies cover you door to door, certainly while on the ship you are covered by the company, though some impose slight rules like teeth are covered BUT you must visit the dentist regularly on leave etc, which is fair enough else you might get all your teeth fixed on the company ;p
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      Re: Health insurance

      Travel insurance would be very difficult and expensive - trips must start and end in the UK so for travel cover on your return journey you'd need a very long an expensive policy, that would be mainly useless because injuries at sea would be excluded because professional seafaring is a hazardous activity.
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        Re: Health insurance

        This is a bit of an issue... on ship you are as you assumed covered by the company for medical emergencies etc. (most will not cover dental unless it is an emergency) they also provide basic possession insurance should the thing sink (however unlikely) with all your belongings but this is generally limited to a few hundred pounds and most likely wouldn't cover the cost of your laptop!

        Travelling to and from ship you have to check with your particular company, mine will for instance cover medical if required from when I leave the UK to when I return. Baggage etc. is not insured.

        It is possible (after lots of searching) to find one way travel insurance - I even managed to find a company that provide it as part of their annual policy (, if you want to get your own insurance. There may be other companies, but this is the first one that knew what I was talking about when I phoned them.
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          Re: Health insurance

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            Re: Health insurance

            while on this subject I was talking to a seaferer who told me that it is very common that people get toothaches on board and is probably the biggest ''health'' problem involved for seaferers, as you are so far away from a dentist as well. With this he advised me that before you set off on a trip go to see a dentist maybe a month in advance. (to make sure there is sufficient time for necessary treatment before you join a ship). And also explain to the dentis your situation, so he may take a bit more time to look for what could be a future problem


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              Re: Health insurance

              I was looking at health insurance. I am reasonably fit and healthy but do have dental problems. Luckily enough for me my father is a dentist and i am off for a 14 week trip on friday so i am having 2/3 fillings before going my dad didnt really want to do these but hes only doing them as preventative work so i don't get problems. Im not very keen but being a nervous patient and knowing a shipping companies feelings on dental problems i don't really have any other option as i don't want to visit a foreign dentist.

              Alastairuk whats the type of policy you have? Im considering looking into it.