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    I have been fortunate enough to receive two offers of sponsorship. One with Chiltern (All Leisure) at Warsash and Clyde Marine (Sponsoring company TBD) at South Tyneside.

    At present I'm torn between the two opportunities. Which college offers the better experience and quality of learning and which company is the best to work with. The main sticking point is that at interview for another company, the interviewer passed a comment regarding Clyde Marine, Cadets and Tax Tonnage Allowances and that I said bear this in mind when considering them as a sponsor. Is this something I should be overly worried about?

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    Are you certain that Chiltern will only put you on cruise ships? I was a Chiltern cadet (sponsored by Trinity House) and while the majority of my trips were on cruise vessels I also had an excellent trip on a Ro-Pax ferry and a (very short) trip on a general cargo vessel. I also believe that the boys got a slightly wider variety of ship types - due to some companies refusing to take on female cadets....

    I would recommend Chiltern and Warsah has an excellent reputation. I have no direct experience with All Leisure but looking at their website it looks as though the cruise ships you'd be sailing on with them are the smaller boutique type, (which are much nicer IMHO) I think it'd be worth giving Chiltern a ring or dropping them an email asking them to clarify whether you would only be put on All Leisure vessels or whether you'd be put on other vessels that Chiltern has a relationship with.


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