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    After a few long months waiting anxiously after my interview with CMT they have sent me an e-mail with various attachments saying that they would like to offer me sponsorship, amazing news! However i have a couple of questions regarding the said documents and also regarding the ENG 1 medical.

    My first question is regarding the start date, they have said training will commence in September 2014, however there is no specified date, should i just turn up to Warsash for September 1st? In the attachments there was also a sheet about funding, however is this funding to pay FOR your accommodation or is the accommodation paid for and then the funding paid on top?

    About the ENG 1 medical, I'm struggling to find somewhere that is certified to do an ENG 1, I'm not really sure where to look! I'm in South West Wales, I've had a quick Google but to no avail. Also what are the waiting list times like for an ENG 1? Because i don't have very long to get it done.

    Thank You.

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    You will receive a start date and joining instructions nearer the time, it is usually around the first week in September.

    Not sure on the funding question, sounds like SMART funding which goes towards the cost of your course rather than your accommodation as I understand it. I believe you pay for your own accommodation, but hopefully someone else will confirm that.

    There is a list of MCA approved doctors, I will try and post a link later.
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      This should be the list of doctors

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        The colleges send out the joining instructions to clyde.

        I emailed fleetwood regarding the same matter and they said that they are emailing the instructions to clyde at the end of this week. So I would guess that Warsash would do the same.
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          Warsash move in is the 7th, course beginning the 8th!

          Warsash Cadets starting in September 2014! Meet people, find out who's on your course, dibs the top bunk, call the bigger draw, Beg/blag/plead with someone to run you to asda and debate whether deck...


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            Congratulations on the offer!

            From memory, CMT will not pay for, or arrange your accommodation. Maybe the funding form is in relation to the wage they'll pay you during your cadetship?
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              Thank you all for your helpful responses! So if CMT do not arrange or pay for accommodation, how do i go about paying for accommodation? I'm assuming i won't have enough time for a part-time job, i do have savings which ill use if worst comes to worst but I'm not keen on that idea...


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                It'll probably come as part of your wage - some companies may only pay (for example) 500 pounds, and pay 200 directly for accommodation. You might be paid 700 with the intention you pay the 200 out of that


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                  Hi redrum, I'm a phase 2 Clyde cadet also at warsash so I should be able to answer your questions with regards to funding, the bad news is that Clyde do not pay for your accommodation, you will be expected to pay that (about ?400 a month, you'll get the exact figure with your joining instructions) and any other expenses out of your training allowance, which doesn't leave you with much to play with. There are a couple of things you can do to make it easier: you could open a student bank account to give you access to an interest free overdraft. If you are not a graduate you can apply for a student loan (if you are on a HND course you will have to wait until phase 3 to be eligible), also some people around here do have part time jobs on weekends but these are very hard to come by, warsash is a very small town so finding work locally will be next to impossible unless you have a car and can commute.