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    Hi all,

    I have started to look into retaining and persuing a career in the Merchant Navy, however like other I do have questions.

    To date I have trained in Audio Technology (from science of sound to production of music), however I have came to a point where I realise that I would rather keep the audio/music side as a hobby.
    So far I have a First Class Hons Bsc in Music Technology, an Exit Award BA in Business Management, a Triple Merit National Diploma in Music Technology and then some GCSEs. Currently I am undertaking a PhD, and lecturing part-time.

    My main question is that I don't think I recived a C or higher in Maths, in fact I think it was a D. Will this hinder me even though I have completed all the higher education? If so perhaps I should undertake a night class to get my C+ grade in maths? I'll need to check all my GCSEs as I cant really remember what I got!

    I should note that I am looking to join as a Deck Officer.


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    I think that you will need to up that GCSE grade, despite all your other qualifications. Several people on here have gone back to night school to get a better GCSE grade already, one of them might be able to give you further advice. There's also at least one or two of our members here who've come from a musical background, I'm starting to think there's a trend here! Welcome to the forum


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      I would say speak to a few companies first to see what they say before spending ages doing your GCSE again. There is quite a bit of maths involved so if you need a refresher it might be worth doing the GCSE anyway.