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    Keeping it simple, say you complete a cadetship with company 'x' but after a few years employment you decide to jump ship, does the company you completed your cadetship with bear heavily on a future employers mind? ie, is this another way of validating candidates?

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    erm? Pardon?

    Normally you get your CoC and any bits of paper like degree / HND etc, any future empolyer may ask for a reference from your previous employer, if you mea do they take it in to consideration, then it will depend on what ships and waht sort of move, cruise ships might have one eye open if you come from cargo or off shore, similarly if all you have done is cruise ships then a DP PSV company may bear this in mind, however they would ideally match you to the rank to go with experience etc.

    So no normally it isnt such a huge thing, unless you have been very naughty ;-)
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      Within the first few years of qualifying, I saw people from cargo go to cruise ships, people from cruise go to cargo, people from tugs go to ferries, guys from ferries go to offshore etc etc .
      Cruise ship experience is the most limiting in terms of going elsewhere (except pilotage and shore jobs), but not severely so. Just expect to work hard and be determined wherever you go, tbh the biggest thing that a company appreciates is an open mind, good personality and being flexible! Crewing managers don't like people who are inflexible and have too many demands.
      Nearly all ship types give good experience in one way or another. I was surprised when I learnt that dredger experience is well regarded for going into pilotage because many dredgers have pilotage exception and lots of ship handling experience (hearsay).